No problem, we can do a jelly smash, fruit (watermelon, strawberries, mixed fruit) or a pie smash; whatever their allergies or intolerance we can accommodate their needs; just let us know in advance of the photoshoot so we can make everything perfect for their special event!

Ideally between 4-14 days, after this time your baby starts to “uncurl” and is not as suitable for getting into the most beautiful of poses.  If you are in your third trimester contact me via the contact form with your due date to provisionally book a time, we can then move this around if your baby arrives later or earlier.

Roughly around 3-4 hours; your baby will wake up when you bring them to the studio and undress them, so then we have to get them back to sleep, depending on your baby this alone can take 20 minutes to an hour. We have to consider settling in time as well – it is advisable to try and keep your baby awake for as long as possible before your appointment and give them a nice big feed before you come.

You should prepare your day bag as if you were going out visiting friends or family.  At least 2 feeding bottles and plenty of nappies and cleaning wipes.  If your baby has a soother or dummy then it is advisable to bring that too.  The studio does get quite warm with the lights and heating on, so you might want to bring a bottle of water for you and baby!

Yes your baby will be unclothed, however the poses they will be in will cover up all the important little areas that we wouldn’t want to the world to see!  My home studio is kept very warm so that babies do not get cold whilst they are being photographed – you might want to consider this too and dress in layers, or bring a change of clothes in case the inevitable happens!

I expect them to, you know yourself as soon as you take a nappy off a baby they turn into a water fountain!  It is a natural occurrence and it is expected that this will happen – I have lots of props and backdrops and plenty of clean up so this really isn’t a problem!  After the photoshoot everything is washed and the studio and changing area is Detol’d down, so the area is nice and clean for the next baby.

Don’t worry about that, I will sympathetically edit out any problem areas, making your baby as beautiful as ever!

This is not a problem and can easily be disguised with a range of lovely wraps and crocheted clothing which will discretely cover it up.  Please do not worry about this.

I respectfully ask you not to, as difficult as that is.  Quickly after the shoot there will be a chance to view the pictures on the viewing gallery on the webpage where you can choose which picture(s) you want to be printed.  Images taken on your phone will not reflect the quality of my work.

At Caeruleum our focus is on natural and beautiful images. I look to ensure that your baby is relaxed and take the time required to capture the photograph. My images are simple and uncluttered. I do try to take account of the parent’s wishes however I will not put your baby into poses which they could not achieve themselves, that may cause them harm or that require significant additional support.

I am a fully insured professional photographer with all the equipment you would expect to see from any professional. I am fully trained in baby posing and have first aid qualifications. I am a member of BANPAS and currently working towards being a Qualified Member of the Guild of Photographers.

You can make a booking using the online form. At the point that you book your session we will need you to pay the non-refundable booking fee of £45 at the same time.

Payments are made via a method that is secure for both you and me.

Once you have completed the form I will contact you and we can discuss the dates you prefer and I will confirm the date of your sitting by email.

If you have questions, for example availability of dates, then please complete the booking form and mark it as an enquiry. Please add a brief summary of what you would like more information on.

Once you have sent the enquiry form I will contact you and we can discuss your questions. Depending on the outcome of the discussion I may ask you to return to the website to use the booking form and make payment or I may send you a payment invoice. Once the agreed fee is paid then the booking would be confirmed.

If you would like a bespoke session, for example with older brothers or sisters or if you have twins, then please complete the booking form and mark this as an enquiry.

Once you have sent the enquiry form I will contact you and we can discuss you specific request.

After our discussion, if we agree on a bespoke session then I will send you a payment invoice. This will include a way to pay using a method that is secure for both you and me. Once the agreed fee is paid the booking is confirmed.

I understand that babies have unavoidable illnesses and tummy upsets, as well as appointments with doctors and midwives, therefore your appointment can be re-arranged if you let me know in advance.  If you don’t show up and have not let me know, then unfortunately yes, I will not be able to refund you your booking fee.  Simply because I could have let someone else come and have their baby’s photograph taken at that time.

After your photo shoot I will send you an invoice by email with a secure payment link which you can use to pay online. If you would prefer I can take a payment over the phone.

Once payment has been made access to your images will be made available to you online.

After the photoshoot, once full payment for the session has been received, I will then send your password for your private viewing gallery on this website.

No more than 4 weeks is the time your private gallery will be available for you to log in, and place an order for your complimentary photo and any further prints or wall art you would like.

Once you have access to your viewing gallery then you can select the package or individual picture that you want to buy. The ordering and purchase of prints, pictures or digital images is all managed via the website.

If you have a bespoke order then you contact us on the enquiry form and we will be happy to discuss any specific requirements you have.

The process involves taking an impression of the hand or foot using a moulding material.  It is totally safe and nontoxic and therefore harmless, giving a highly detailed individual piece of art, unique to your child.

Your casts will be finished in a highly durable ground stone which is then hand painted in gold, silver or bronze at your choice. Your unique piece of art will then be displayed in a hand-crafted 3D Box frame with an image from the photo shoot alongside.

Not at all, the casting process is completely safe and can even be fun! We use a fast setting material which takes around 30 seconds to set, it then simply peels away to leave a highly-detailed mould.

We can normally take the mould within 7 days, the process then takes approximately 2-4 weeks to complete.

A bespoke package can be tailored to meet your individual needs however this is not offered as part of our “casting photo shoot”. If this is something you are interested in then please get in touch so we can put you in touch with Serendipity Casting for a quote.

We offer gift Certificates for all our Photo Shoots. To select a gift Certificate please tick the option on the booking form.

The full value of the gift certificate will be required at time to purchase. Once payment has been made the gift certificate can be sent either to you or directly to the recipient of the gift.

Art Glass is premium quality glass used for framing images to ensure that they stay at their best for longer. In addition to reducing the impact of daylight on your framed picture Art Glass also reduces reflections meaning you can enjoy the pictures of your beautiful baby without distraction.

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